Saint Joseph's has been playing basketball for nearly 100 years

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Hawk Traditions

Homes of the Hawks The Mascot

The Saint Josephs' Hawks call two of the most historic arenas in college basketball home.  Learn about the proud tradition behind two of America's most storied arenas.

Vote Sports Illustrated's Mascot of the Century, The Hawk is the most famous mascot in all of college basketball.  By flapping for the entire duration of any SJU contest, this display of endurance is proof that "The Hawk Will Never Die!".
Fight Songs The Drum

A crucial reason why Saint Joseph's home games are such an intimidating venue is the fight songs that boom through the building at any contest.  At most games, cheers begin over an hour before tipoff and last until beyond the final buzzer.  If you plan on attending a game be sure to study up on all of the Hawk cheers and fight songs!

The Drum's hallowed tradition and history are second only to that of the Hawk. "Old timers" reminiscing about any Hawk game are compelled to make reference to the constantly booming Drum. It is believed the Drum played a significant role in many an important win.  Today this tradition lives on with a new generation of drummers.  The Drummer on WIP.
School Colors Hawk Hill







Supporters of the Saint Joseph's Hawks bleed crimson and grey.  These colors date back to the 1890's when a young seminarian leading a pep rally saw the colors on a book he was holding.  After realizing how impactful these colors looked together,  he announced that these would be the school colors. (Source: SJU Media Guide)

In the early 1920s, Saint Joseph's moved the college campus to its current site in Overbrook on Philadelphia's west side. For many years, the school's new  hilltop perch overlooking downtown Philadelphia ranked as the highest point from sea level in the city of Philadelphia. According to oral tradition, students and faculty frequently saw real hawks circling the skies above Barbelin, before swooping down on their prey. The familiar scene eventually led to the coining of the moniker “Hawk Hill.” (Source

Palestra Rollouts The Double Dip

A cherished tradition by many of the die hard Hawk fans, the double dip is a victory that is twice as sweet.  The ultimate double dip occurs every time the Hawks beat the Cats, although any game night where the Hawks beat their opponent and the Cats lose is also considered a double dip.
Palestra rollouts are a proud Big 5 tradition that span the decades of the rivalry's history.  At Big 5 games, rival opponents create banner messages to support their teams and razz their opponents' confidence.

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